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Children Art
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With Canvas Kala, , your course/program is a part of a catalog. You always have the option to customize your course/Program landing page. Not only that.  you can publish a course and conduct your classes Globally sitting at your Art Studio.

The biggest  advantage is, we provide you with an existing student base, so if you don’t have much of an online presence yet, you might want to explore it with this data first.Canvaskala is  designed for businesses and individual creators to earn money by selling their courses and their Creations Globally.

In short, you can take full advantage of the following services:-


This is an ideal Bootcamp program which act as course creation platform for relatively new entrants. Rachna,  a platform that helps you reach the maximum number of students. This course creator platform  with interactive tools would work as Robust marketing technique to reach your target Audience.

Some key features of Rachna:-

  • Huge online content Storage facility.
  • Individual landing page which can be resolved with domain name if your choice.
  • Content formats supported, including video, audio, PDFs, and images
  • Editing features and customization options
  • Realistically affordable subscription charges to suit  small/home businesses.
  • Support for assessments: Exams,  quizzes, grading, Electronic certifications, Bulk Mailers etc..
  • Flexible Time table design.
  • Inbuilt Video conferencing and Streaming Facilities.
  • Digital Marketing and payment features with integrated Payment gateways and fast settlement.
  • Global Marketing Support with a dedicated Affiliate Program.
  • Regular Bootcamps on different Art forms  to identify prospective Students.
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