Art by Ms. Maya Ganesh

About Canvaskala

Canvas Kala brain child of Ms. Maya Ganesh, an in born Artist, with a flair for Drawings, Rangoli, Pencil Sketching, Water Coloring, Oil Painting, Charcoal Painting, Caleo graphy, toys making, Ceramic Painting and many forms of creativity.

With a Postgraduate degree in Interior Design she took up her Paintings and Painting Classes from home. Her thirsty to grow beyond the four walls of Home gave the courage to venture into the Online Aggregation platform – Canvas Kala. 

Maya has successfully participated in many Art &; Painting Exhibitions in Pune.

Canvaskala Launching

“During the festivities of Navaratri 2021!”

“After thoroughly Bootstrapping with India Startu360 Ecosystem under various Mentors, Maya developed the online portal canvaskala.in and i formally planned a launch”.

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